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At Brisco Williams Gas Ltd of Swansea we provide gas fires throughout South Wales. Giving you the style and attractive design of a traditional wood burning or coal fire, without the trouble of having to buy the fuel and tidy any of the mess, our range of gas fires could be the perfect option for your home.


As a leading provider of gas fires in South Wales you can rely on our services throughout Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot and Llanelli. If you would like further information on our range of gas fires, call our team today or visit our showroom to view our selection and talk with our team in person.

Gas fires available in a range of styles and designs for your home

There are many benefits to opting for a gas fire in your home. Unlike other more traditional fuel types, including coal and wood, gas fires offer you a constant source of heat at any time of the year. There is also no risk of sparks flying from the fuel and there is no residue or ash left to clear up after the fire has gone out.


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Why choose a gas fire?

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