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At Brisco Williams Gas Ltd of Swansea, we stock a huge selection of high quality gas barbecues to help you enjoy the summer sunshine by inviting friends around and firing up the grill.


While we stock all types of barbecue including electric and charcoal, our selection of gas BBQs are undoubtedly our most popular. With instant ignition, less smoke and complete control over the heat level, cooking with a gas barbecue is the ideal way to grill a steak and enjoy the summer months.

Grill your food to perfection with our range of gas barbecues

Alongside the above advantages of heat control, instant ignition and reduced smoke, a gas barbecue can cook all day long and are much more dependable than traditional charcoal barbecues. No longer do you have to wait for the coals to heat all the way through before starting cooking, simply ignite the grill and away you go.


If you'd like further information on any of our gas barbecues, don't hesitate to contact a member of our team today. You can also come see us in store and explore our showroom of products.


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Why choose a gas BBQ?

Choose one of our gas BBQs and you'll be cooking with gas in no time:

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