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Alongside supplying high quality fires, fireplaces and BBQs, at Brisco Williams Gas Ltd we have recently started selling candles in our showroom. We have 2 main suppliers for our candles, Quinnell Candles, and Best Kept Secerets. Call in to our Showroom in Swansea to see the quality of these candles and smell all the wonderful scents they provide, or visit our Ebay shop today.


We love candles & I am sure you will love our range. Fill your home with beautifull fragrances with our selection of candles, melts and diffusers.


We are based in Swansea and serve throughout South Wales including: Neath, Llanelli, Swansea and Port Talbot. Why not come visit us at our showroom in Swansea today?

We have a wide selection of candles

Explore some examples of our candles

Choose from our wide selection of candles, melts and diffusers to fill you're home with beautiful fragrances:

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Visit our eBay shop to browse and buy a wide range of our home interior decorations and giftware items:

Visit our eBay shop to see more of our candles, melts and diffusers

Visit our eBay shop
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